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Pickled Ginger has a wide range of Sushi that can accommodate you. Browse our delicious menu of Sushi dishes and have it delivered straight to your door.

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512 St. Vincent Street
Glasgow, G38XZ

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gunkan- 2 pieces


Pickled Ginger's Reviews

112 reviews


  • gorgeous thank you


  • The pork was very dry and tasteless


  • They recently made their bento box tofu less spicy. Used to love the chilli in it, but I it's still yum!


  • They are great and take good care of their customers. Food is always delicious and fresh.


  • Our order was super and delicious, plus, we got a treat from them <3


  • Quite like the restaurant but this time the order was not delivered complete.


  • After a loooooong wait and lots of calls to and from the delivery man, we finally got our food which was tasty, but we were disappointed that our special requests had been ignored.


  • Order took over 2 hours to arrive! Food is fine, but a bit pricey especially when you wait all night for it.


  • delivery was delayed for 45 mins but they give me extra drink and dessert. Really enjoyed the food. Two suggestions,it's better that the sushi is cold and don't put soy sauce in the hot food bag it will heat it up.


  • Two hours after placing my order I called the restaurant and was told the driver was just leaving and would be with me in 20-25 mins. 45 mins later I called again and my order had never left 'because they have a system where they place papers on a table and the driver couldn't find my number' - but instead of telling me that or checking the online system through which I'd clearly ordered they just let me wait, hungry, until 11pm. 48£ spent, and it's now two days later and I've not received my promised refund or any food. Do not recommend.


  • Food was soggy this time, although tasted great, however have had previous deliveries when food has been excellent- this was when the company were using deliveroo


  • Always great!!


  • Food always amazing but first time I've had a delivery. Bento box wastipped over and teriyaki sauce over everything. Kinda ruined it.


  • Always good food but just a little slow this time.


  • Really enjoyed the food from Pickled Ginger but have to say the portions were too large!! I had half of my meal and the rest for lunch the next day. Flavours were great. Delivered about 45 minutes after the delivery time . We are just round the corner in Minerva Way. Anyway would definitely order again or sit in. Great addition to Finnieston.